Sometimes Netflix takes a bit to remember that I have already given a rating to Doctor Who. It shows the predicted rating when that happens, and it’s a 4.5.

….You will also find in you data for my account that I’ve watched the whole series twice in six months with some episodes being watched onwards of eight, nine times.

Tell me I’m not rating this a full five. Tell me again.

8. Saddest Moment - The Angels Take Amy and Rory

Sure, leaving Rose in an alternate timeline was devastating. River’s “You’ll be the death of me” to the Doctor makes me scream out loud every time. Donna’s story leaves me feeling a little empty. But nothing makes me bawl harder than the end of “Angels Take Manhattan”.

Part of it is the Doctor’s reaction. Part of it is Amy’s goodbye to her daughter. Part of it is that there is nothing that can be done to avoid it. I’ve seen the episode four times, and I still sob loudly.

Yet I keep watching it. I’m just a glutton for punishment, apparently.

(Admittedly, there is a small amount of happy tears in there; Amy sacrifices herself to be with Rory. That’s a whole lotta love. I want a love like Amy and Rory.)

7. Favorite Season - Nu!Who Series 6

The same can be said for my favorite seasons in each of the Star Treks: it’s the one with the most continuity. I love it when a season acts somewhat like one huge story.

But, it’s not just the story arcs. The reveal of Melody Pond is my favorite reveal ever. One of my top five cold opens of any show is Rory’s badass slapping around of the Cybermen in “A Good Man”. Amy letting go of her faith in the Doctor is one of my favorite tearjerkers of all time. Eleven is (tied for) my favorite Doctor, Amy and Rory are my favorite companions, and River Song is my spirit animal. It has everything.

I love series 6.