I was sitting at my booth at the artisan’s market when a girl of about seven years old walked over to look at my jewelry. She was wearing a “Don’t Blink” tee and an “Allons-y” necklace, so I decided to ask her how excited she was that we have less than two months left until the show starts up again. She hadn’t heard that a date had been announced, so she got really excited and squealed. The ABSOLUTE JOY on her face made my week.

I work for a small tech firm. It’s not real big. Last week, someone called for my first name. It got transfered.

"Hello, we’re looking for Mrs. [____] Smith."
Weird, AND PROMISING, but wrong number. Today I got another random call.
"Is this Doctor [______] at St. John’s Hospital?"
Wrong, yet again. However, this seems to be the trend. Have fun, you guys,when I’m Mrs. Doctor, Mrs. Smith, and married to Matt. Because DUH, that’s the only explanation, right? All these callers are from the future and they’re spam calling Mrs. Smith (AKA: me), right?